1. Persons staying at “Domki na Miłej” Resort shall observe these Terms and Conditions. In particular, they shall behave in a way that does not pose a threat to the safety of others, follow instructions of the management and personnel of the resort as well as law enforcement officers, and observe regulations on the protection of the environment, health and safety, and fire prevention.
2. At “Domki na Miłej” Resort a hotel day starts at 16:00 and ends by 11:00 the following day. Quiet hours are observed from 23:00 until 7:00.
3. Persons staying at “Domki na Miłej” Resort have to check-in immediately after arrival. Minors may only be checked-in with an adult. Minors can stay at the Resort only under adult supervision.
4. Upon the request of a person renting a house, an additional person may be accommodated in the house only after obtaining the management’s consent, completing check-in formalities and paying a proper fee.
5. Visitors may stay at the Resort from 7:00 until 23:00.
6. The fee for the whole stay should be paid immediately after arrival during check-in unless it has been already paid in whole or in part. Additionally, a refundable security deposit of PLN 200 shall be collected for the duration of the stay.
7. In the case of cancellation of part of the stay, late arrival or earlier check-out, which have not been caused by the Resort’s management, any fees paid for the stay are non-refundable. In the case of cancellation of the whole stay, the paid deposit is non-refundable.
8. Payment of the deposit means agreement to the terms and conditions of booking and these Terms and Conditions. The deposit is refundable if the stay at the Resort in cancelled no later than 14 days
before the booked arrival. If the stay is cancelled less than 14 days before the booked arrival, the deposit is non-refundable.
9. “Domki na Miłej” Resort charges a tourist tax in accordance with a Resolution of the Rewal Town Council.
10. There is a gated, unguarded parking at “Domki na Miłej” Resort. One parking space is available for each house.
11. “Domki na Miłej” Resort shall not bear any legal or financial responsibility for damages to or theft of cars parked in the Resort’s parking. Nevertheless, in order to increase safety, the parking is monitored by the Resort.
12. The person renting the house shall check the condition of the house’s equipment, confirm that the equipment matches the inventory list and assume financial responsibility for any loss or damage
caused during usage. Persons who damaged appliances, equipment, houses and their surroundings shall bear financial responsibility (determined individually on the basis of market prices) for any damage caused. Before leaving the house, the person renting it shall participate in making an inventory of the house’s equipment.
13. The management of “Domki na Miłej” Resort shall not bear any financial responsibility for objects and things left in the Resort unattended. It is the owners’ responsibility to secure their belongings against theft and damage.
14. Before leaving the house, it must be cleaned, and trash must be placed in containers located at the Resort.
15. Making bonfires and barbecues is permitted only in places designated for this purpose by the Resort’s personnel and on condition that special care is taken and fire prevention regulations are observed.
16. It is strictly forbidden to use open fire and smoke cigarettes in the houses. In the case of fire or any other threat, persons staying at the Resort shall follow instructions of the Resort’s management.
17. All houses have been equipped with smoke sensors triggering a fire alarm. Once it is triggered, Fire Services will arrive. The cost of unjustified Fire Services intervention shall be incurred by the person responsible for triggering the fire alarm.
18. The management of “Domki na Miłej” Resort allows small domestic animals to stay at the Resort, on condition that they have an updated vaccination booklet and that the Resort’s management agreed to their stay. Within the premises, the animal should be under full supervision of its owner. It cannot disturb or pose a threat to other guests.
19. The owner shall be responsible for any mess or damages caused by the animal. The owner shall walk the dog outside the Resort whenever it needs to do its business.
20. Any person violating these Terms and Conditions shall be asked to leave the Resort. If the person refuses to leave, they shall be turned over to the police, and the case will be taken to court as an offence.
21. Any matters not provided for in these Terms and Conditions shall be decided on by the personnel of “Domki na Miłej” Resort.
22. We do not provide our guests with towels, hygiene products and cleaning agents. Guests have to provide them for themselves.